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SOS Boys Book 3

The S.O.S. Boys in ... The Secret of the City of Gold, Book 3

(c) 2015, 200 pgs., paperback, $10.98

The S.O.S. Boys Mystery Book Series are fast-paced adventure stories starring fifteen-year-old friends, Rick, Greg, and Topher. The S.O.S. Boys, along with Rick’s Irish Setter, Aaron, solve mysteries in and around the San Juan Islands of Washington. The FBI and Coast Guard named them, S.O.S. Boys, because the boys used Morse code to communicate with each other while solving mysteries and to protect the boys’ identities.

Rick, Greg, and Topher are lifelong friends who live in Bellingham and Orcas Island. After working many odd jobs for over two years, the boys combined their savings together to purchase a sixteen-foot boat with an outboard motor. They planned to use the boat to travel back and forth from Bellingham to Orcas Island and earn money crab fishing.

In the first book, Mystery on Orcas Island, they discover an alien robot dog and named him Markie, which is short for his full name - Markarian 818. Markie arrived to Earth when his Intergalactic Transporter malfunctioned and sent him hurling to Earth from the Markarian Galaxy. Although he has futuristic capabilities and knowledge, he does not tell the boys the answers to solve their mysteries. Instead, Markie guides them along to discover the answers to their science, math, history, and geography questions.

The stories use informational facts while weaving an action-packed story. The boys are always respectful, responsible, and espouse positive virtues. The stories use informational facts while weaving it into an action-packed story. The boys are always respectful, responsible, and espouse positive virtues. Throughout the story, they demonstrate hard work equals success. They are 15 years old and full of youthful curiosity and energy. Their mysteries are solved using hard work and diligence.

Story Summary

The Secret of the City of Gold: The S.O.S. Boys’ friend, Thisbe Woods’ parents had supposedly been killed in a landslide in Peru while on an archaeological dig to find the Lost City of Gold. However, Thisbe finds a clue that her parents may have sent her and now suspects that they may not have been killed as reported. She enlists the help of the S.O.S. Boys and their alien robot dog, Markie, and Irish setter, Aaron to help her find out what really may have happened to her parents.

Their search leads them to the mysterious Corrie Island in the Puget Sound. Read how they learn the link between the Inca Lost City of Gold and Corrie Island.

$10.98, 200 pages, paperback, (c) 2015.

Age Level

The story's readability is fifth/sixth grade and suitable for children in grades 4th through 8th.

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