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Tofu Ling

Tofu Ling Sets Sail, The Adventure Continues

(c) 2022, 34 pgs., paperback, $12.00

Tofu Ling Sets Sail, The Adventure Continues is the fifth installment in the Tofu Ling Book Series.

Previously, Tofu Ling and his cousin, Kenji Nakamura, are invited to visit their uncle, Captain Hiroshi Nakamura, who is a fisherman in the Pacific Northwest. While they are visiting their uncle, he gives them a little skiff to refurbish. Their uncle tells them that he will let them have the little boat and sail it around the islands once they repair it. They learn about teamwork, friendship, sailing, and a special sailors' song. Uncle Hiroshi tells them it is a very special song the sailors sing to help guide them back to the docks when they have been out at sea for the day. The night before Tofu and Kenji's maiden voyage on their boat, they decide to sleep onboard so that they can set sail early the next morning. Unfortunately, the wrong knot is tied on the line at the dock and the sleeping boys are carried out to sea on the tide. When they awaken they realize they have been adrift all night. Soon they remember the song and sing it to help guide them safely home and past the scary dragon.

While talking about their latest trip on their boat, something or someone sprays them with water. When they look around they realize it came from the wooded area behind them. When they walk up to the area where the water spray came from, they were shocked to see who it was. Frightened and unable to move they were suprised when the their visitor requested their help. After getting over their shock, they agreed to help him. Along the way of helping him, they meet some rather interesting and unusual cast of characters. Read the story to find out who was this frightening visitor and if they are able to help him.

From the Author: Rosanna Porter

Fisk leader of the Seagulls

Tofu Ling Sets Sail, The Adventure Continues  is a story about friendship, families, and teamwork. The idea for the story came to me while sailing around the San Juan Islands in Washington. I remember the first time I saw my "Dragon" island. When we rounded a corner of one of the islands, I saw what looked like a huge dragon with his head in the water and large plums of steam coming from its nostrils. From then on, I named the island "Dragon" island and knew that I only needed to steer past the island, around the rocks of another island, and soon I would see my dock in the distance.

Tessa's illustrations magically transform the Puget Sound into Tofu's world as he sees it from the tranquil waters to "Dragon" island. The illustrations intertwine with the lyrics and music of the story to create a symphony of the senses.

I enjoyed writing the lyrics and music for Tofu Ling Sets Sail, The Adventure Continues . I hope children will sing the verse as each page is turned. The complete song is on this website in the Free Activities section. Click on this link to go to the pdf file. Music

The book is meant to be a read-to-me story and that is why the vocabulary is a higher level than the average children's book. I believe that it is important that a higher vocabulary be modeled for children to cultivate their literary knowledge. The size and orientation of the book was selected so that while reading the story, Tessa's illustrations are fun and playful.

Although the story can be read at one sitting, I hope that adults/parents will read the book over several days. Breaking the story down into several sittings allows children to contemplate what will happen next and learn that stories do not have to culminate in fifteen minutes. When children reach the third and fourth grade many of them struggle with the concept of chapter books. This book is a wonderful step into chapter books for younger readers. It is my hope that this will also help them to understand the concept of a theme developing over several days of reading.

I also hope adults/parents will continue to read to children even after they have learned to read. Time spent reading together is priceless.

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