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Authors and Illustrators

The Raisykinder Publishing Authors and Illustrators

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Lynda C. Porter, Illustrator

Lynda and her husband live in the Pacific Northwest. The imagery in the Tofu Ling stories inspires her to create whimsical illustrations with an eye for detail, hidden images, and vibrant color. Lynda is published in the Tofu Ling children's book series, Hawaiian Peek a Boo book, and numerous community illustrations.

Lynda has been an art and music teacher for developmentally delayed students and has incorporated arts experiences into special education life skills curriculums. Recently, Lynda has conducted school artist residencies which focus on illustrative style as a means to expression.

Lynda encourages students of all ages to view the world, as Tofu does, through artistic eyes.

Tessa Asato, Illustrator

Tessa lives in Washington, with her husband, Nate. She is a talented artist and illustrator, who is able to capture and animate her characters. In her black and white drawings, she is able to bring depth and interest to her scenes. As you study Tessa's illustrations, you will find many hidden objects that draw the viewer in for further exploration.

She produces large-scale drawings and prints that explore Buddhist concepts through her interacting multiple self-portraits. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, while she uses her free time to sketch and look for creative inspiration.

Tessa is the illustrator of the children's mystery book series, The S.O.S. Boys, the travel series, Compass Rosie, and The Chronicles of Princess Naughty chapter book series.

Tessa graduated from Western Washington University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Rosanna I. Porter, Author

Rosanna shares her time between the Pacific Northwest and California with her husband and her Irish Setter, Aaron. She enjoys traveling all around the world feeding her imagination. She has always loved writing, reading, and dreaming with her very active imagination. She is an award winning published author of books on multicultural education, geography, social studies, the Tofu Ling Series, The Chronicles of Princess Naughty Series, The S.O.S. Boys Mystery Book Series, the travel series - Compass Rosieand the adult historical fiction book, The Barbed Wire Rose .

She conducts workshops and classes for teachers, parents, and students, while she incorporates children's literature as a way to enhance the learning experience across the curriculum. She believes that a criterion for exceptional books is that they can be used as a springboard for quality learning experiences in cross-curricular activities.

She hopes that the readers will enjoy her stories and envision their potential.

Magdalena Smugala, Illustrator

Magdalena lives in PoznaƄ, Poland. She is a talented artist and graphic designer. In 2008, Magdalena graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. She was a music journalist in Gazeta Wyborcza and a creative computer graphic designer in advertising.

Currently, she works in a local Community Center planning events and designing promotional materials in Poland.

Magdalena is the illustrator for The Chronicles of Princess Naughty Series. She brings a fresh concept to the idea of a 'modern day' princess. Her illustrations demonstrate her ability to bring movement and life to the characters. Magdalena began drawing as a child and later bloomed into a love of art and a special way to express herself and her feelings.

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