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Teacher Guides and Student Notebooks/Workbooks

Teacher Guides and/or Student Notebooks/Workbooks are available for the Raisykinder Books. The Teacher Guides include preteach information and activities, learner objectives, background information for teachers and students, reproducible student worksheet pages, and special images when applicable. The Student Notebooks/Workbooks include a step by step worksheets for students to create their own stories.

Parents are welcome to use these Teacher Guides and Student Notebooks/Workbooks to supplement their child's education.

Tofu Ling student workbook Tofu Ling Creative Writing Notebook for students is a 45 page workbook designed for students to brainstorm, create, write, and edit their story. They will learn skills and good techniques in writing a story. The book contains information on how to brainstorm a story idea, researching and interviewing skills, main elements of a story, the story setting, character development, theme, plot, story conclusion, writing the first draft, editing and revising the story, story starter ideas, and a mini thesaurus. (45 pages) (c) 2011, Paperback $15.00 plus tax, shipping and handling.

Teacher Guide Tofu Ling and the Carp Banner Teacher's Guide is a thirty-two page Teacher Guide that includes educational goals and objectives, vocabulary words, photographs, background information, story synopsis, information on the festival Tango No Sekku, Kenji, the Japanese System of Writing, The Japanese Language Pronunciation Guide, information on TaeKwonDo; and reproducible student worksheets on TangoNoSekku, Japanese System of Writing, Japanese Writing and Language, TaeKwonDo, and Paper Crane Art Activity. Also included are story and illustration discussion questions and answers. (32 pages) (c) 2011, Paperback $12.00 plus tax, shipping & handling.

Tofu Ling SS Teacher Guide Tofu Ling Sets Sail Teacher Guide's is a thirty-five page teacher guide that includes the educational goals and Washington State EALRs. Activities and reproducible worksheets include: Language Arts: story writing, and story discussion questions and answers; Art: Optical Illusion techniques, Hidden Objects, and illustration discussion questions and answers; Math: Calculating Distance Using a Map and Making a Bar Graph; Music: The Tofu Ling Sets Sail Song; Science: Tides, and Tidal Charts and Graphs; Social Studies: Absolute and Relative Location, Types of Maps and their Uses, and Elements of Maps. (35 pages) (c) 2011, Paperback, $15.00 plus tax, shipping and; handling.

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