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Princess Naughty

The Chronicles of Princess Naughty:
Mystery of the Haunted Mansion

(c) 2022, 144 pages, $10.00.

This is the fourth book in the The Chronicles of Princess Naughty book series . Princess is every girl, young and old. She is innovative, creative, and full of youthful curiosity. She doesn't wear a crown of gold. Instead, she prefers to wear a crown of wildflowers tied together. Princess has a positive self-image that is an inspiration to all girls. Princess is not perfect and makes mistakes, but she always learns from her them. Her name, Princess Naughty, is used in the story to describe her unacceptable behavior. It is a cue her mother uses to warn her of this behavior.

Story Summary

Princess, Regina, and Isabella are B-F-Fs, best friends forever who befriend a girl named Hannah who has recently moved into their neighborhood. They are eager to show her around the neighborhood and invite her to volunteer at the library with them.

While out riding their bikes along a country road, Aaron, Princess' Irish setter, and Erin, Hannah's English setter follow along. Suddenly, the dogs appear to catch a scent of something and dart down a deserted and overgrown road. Princess and Hannah call for them to return, but they keep on running. The girls turn their bikes around and follow the dogs. Finally they reach the end of the road where a large iron gate sets ajar. The dogs continue on inside the gated yard. The girls have to put their bikes aside as they follow on foot chasing the dogs. Soon they are face to face with an old seemingly deserted mansion that looks very scary and possibly haunted. Read as the girls try to solve the mystery of the haunted mansion.
(c) 2022, 144 pages, paperback, $10.00.

Age Level

The story can be enjoyed at any age and is a young reader book. Readability level is third grade through seventh grade.

Princess Naughty Crown

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Copyright 2008-2023 Raisykinder Publishing, all rights reserved.

Copyright 2008-2023 Raisykinder Publishing, all rights reserved.