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Princess Naughty

The Chronicles of Princess Naughty: Dancing Princesses

(c) 2011, 32 pgs., hardcover, $12.98

Princess is every girl, young and old. She is innovative, creative, and full of youthful curiosity. She doesn't wear a crown of gold. Instead, she prefers to wear a crown of wildflowers tied together. Princess has a positive self-image that is an inspiration to all girls. Throughout the story, she sees all the best in herself. It is especially evident in the scene where she is looking at herself in a mirror after creating her dance costume.

Her reflection showed a beautiful dress and a beautiful Princess. She did not see her pants rolled up under her slip. She did not see her hair all messed up. She saw only the beauty of her dreams.Many of us see our faults and imperfections when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Not Princess, she sees her potential. This message of seeing the best is also repeated at the end of the story. Princess is looking at herself in the mirror and across the top is written, Each time you look in the mirror, be sure to see what I see, which is all the wonderful things you are.

I hope that all girls can remember to see themselves in a positive way instead of seeing only their faults. I believe that to improve our self-image, we need to use or strengths to overcome our obstacles, Rosanna Porter.

Princess is not perfect and makes mistakes, but she always learns from her them. Her name, Princess Naughty, is used in the story to describe her unacceptable behavior. It is a cue her mother uses to warn her of this behavior.

Story Summary

Princess, Regina, and Isabella are B-F-Fs, best friends forever. After seeing Beth tap dance in the school talent show, they decide to learn to tap dance. When their parents suggest they learn to play musical instruments, they decide to borrow books from the library and learn how to dance on their own. They find an inventive way to make shoes and costumes. However, while dancing on the picnic table, which they make into their stage, Princess falls off and breaks her arm. Now she has to tell her mother what she has done.

Age Level

The story can be enjoyed at any age and is a young reader book. Readability level is third grade.

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