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Hawaiian Peek a Boo

(c) 2017, 34 pages, $12.00

Story Summary

Hawaiian Peek a Boo teaches children about the animals, sea creatures, birds, and nature found on the Hawaiian islands and seas by engaging them in a game of peek a boo. The book also includes parent notes about the images and information being shared.


Hawaiian Peek a Boo was created as an interactive story. The illustrator, Lynda Porter drew pairings of illustrations. As an example, the first page depicts several egrets standing amongst the birds-of-paradise flowers. The colorful flowers offset and highlight the whiteness of the egrets. On the second page, we see that it is the egrets that take flight and not the birds-of paradise. Birds-of-paradise flowers are similar in color to the birds that they are named after. The pairings of illustrations invite the child to locate or examine the first image and then compare it to the illustration on the following page. There is a question that is asked on the first page of the set and the second page answers the question that is asked of the child.

As the book is read over and over again, it will be a wonderful opportunity for the child to recall the answers and then check their responses on the following page. Remembering and recalling events is an important skill for children.

We hope that adults/parents will continue to read to children even after they have learned to read. Time spent reading together is priceless.

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