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Princess Naughty

The Chronicles of Princess Naughty: Magic, Magic Everywhere

(c) 2015, 128 pgs., paperback, $10.00

This is the first book in the chapter book series of The Chronicles of Princess Naughty .

Princess is every girl, young and old. She is innovative, creative, and full of youthful curiosity. She doesn't wear a crown of gold. Instead, she prefers to wear a crown of wildflowers tied together. Princess has a positive self-image that is an inspiration to all girls. Princess is not perfect and makes mistakes, but she always learns from her them. Her name, Princess Naughty, is used in the story to describe her unacceptable behavior. It is a cue her mother uses to warn her of this behavior.

Story Summary

Princess, Regina, and Isabella are B-F-Fs, best friends forever. While attending their bridging ceremony from Junior Girl Scouts to Cadettes, they decide they would like to earn Cadette Girl Scout badges during the summer. They go to their local library and begin to research books on magic tricks. Since they are always in the library borrowing books, the librarians know them very well and invite them to volunteer their during the summer. They make plans to put on a magic show for the neighborhood children and earn their Performance badge. It is while doing their magic show that something goes terribly wrong during their final act. Aaron is 'magically' switched from being an Irish setter to an English setter. Do the girls need to switch him back or his he lost and another dog has taken his place?

Age Level

The story can be enjoyed at any age and is a young reader book. Readability level is third grade through sixth grade.

Princess Naughty Crown

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