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Author and Illustrator Visits

We have been busy visiting schools, libraries, Young Authors' Conferences, and bookstores around the country. It is always so exciting for us to visit and share with our readers our stories and illustrations. Inviting an author to your school or library introduces students to the writing process, character development, and creative expression whether it is with illustrations or words. We have found that the students get excited about the books they are reading and writing.

Author/Illustrator visits should leave your students inspired to create their own work. In addition, they will have a better understanding of the complete writing process from conception through production to completion. It should be a memorable experience. You never know, it might spark the interest of an aspiring writer or illustrator in your school.

We would love to come to your school, library, bookstore, or conference. We can do an entire school assembly or we can do a smaller library or bookstore presentation. Click here to inquire about an author/illustrator visit to your school, library, bookstore, or conference.

The following are the costs for an author visit and, in order to maximize the benefits for your students, suggestions on how to best prepare for the author/illustrator visit.

The Costs for an Author/Illustrator Visit

The Honorarium/Fees are $650 each day, plus travel and accommodations. The fee includes your choice of six Raisykinder Publishing books. A contract will be sent to you for signing.

Depending on the program, funding from various sources may be appropriate. If the library and parent-teacher organization budgets aren't available, consider other sources, such as, literacy grants, performing arts, bilingual education, G.A.T.E., BOCES, Title 1, district PTA/PTO, grants from local organizations, or sponsorship from business groups. In addition, you may want to share the cost with another school or organization.

Hold a Book Sale and Author Signing

Authors want to share their stories with their audiences. They want to encourage a growing readership base. Having an author signing and sale helps to keep their costs down and make it affordable for you to have them at your school.

Raisykinder Publishing has order forms for you to print up and send home with your students. About two to three weeks prior to your author visit, send home the book order forms with your students. About a week before the author visit, email the count to Raisykinder Publishing so that enough books can be sent. Extra books will be sent for last minute orders. Allow time for book signings. They are an exciting part of all author visits for both the students and authors. Enlist the help of parent volunteers to assist with the book orders.

Suggested Preparations for a Successful Author/Illustrator Visit

Resource Teachers and Assistants

Resource teachers and parent volunteers are one of the best assets to making the Author/Illustrator Visit a great success. The resource teachers, librarians, library aides, music, reading, and art teachers help build excitement about the visit by doing learning activities that tie in with the stories. There are several songs that are part of the Tofu Ling books. Having the music teacher teach them the song is a wonderful way to introduce the story. Art teachers can have a bookmarker contest that ties in with the book series. Or, the students can create an alternate book cover. Reading specialists can have the students write alternate endings for the stories, a sequel, or even a prequel to the story. The students' writing and art could be displayed around the school.

Classroom and School Preparation

One of the best things to do before the author visit is to read other books by the author. If there is a book series, read other books in the series. It helps if the students are familiar with the characters. Make sure not to read the story that your author will be presenting. Discuss the story and illustrations with your students.

Share biographical information about the author or illustrator. The majority of our authors and illustrators at Raisykinder Publishing have been classroom teachers!

Spread the word about the author visit and acknowledge where the funding has come from for the event. Encourage the parents to come to the presentation.

Sponsor a school wide vote for favorite titles by the author or illustrator who is visiting your school. Have your students write book reviews of the books.

On the day of the event, check to make sure that your author or illustrator has all of the technical equipment that they will need. Then, sit back and ENJOY!

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