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Princess Naughty

The Chronicles of Princess Naughty: Explorers' Club

(c) 2012, 32 pgs., hardcover, $12.98

Princess is every girl, young and old. She is innovative, creative, and full of youthful curiosity. She doesn't wear a crown of gold. Instead, she prefers to wear a crown of wildflowers tied together. Princess has a positive self-image that is an inspiration to all girls. Princess is not perfect and makes mistakes, but she always learns from her them. Her name, Princess Naughty, is used in the story to describe her unacceptable behavior. It is a cue her mother uses to warn her of this behavior.

Story Summary

Princess, Regina, and Isabella are B-F-Fs, best friends forever. After reading books on Famous Explorers, the girls decide to go on their own expedition. They want to find the lost city of Toto that is located somewhere deep in a nearby woods. They read books on how they should prepare for their expedition and then set out to find this lost city. Using a compass attached to a metal clip on their clipboard the girls chart a wrong course and find themselves no longer in their woods, but a dangerous jungle filled with monkeys and other scary creatures. Unable to find their way home, they become very frightened. Read how the newest member of their Explorers' Club, Aaron -- Princess' Irish Setter, saves the day!

Age Level

The story can be enjoyed at any age and is a young reader book. Readability level is third grade.

Princess Naughty monkey

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