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Barbed Wire Rose Cover

The Barbed Wire Rose

The year 1989 proved to be a tumultuous year for the Schön family of East Germany. In the quiet town of Meißen along the Elbe River, Julia and Mathias Schön’s peaceful family life suddenly erupted into unprecedented developments that were set in motion decades ago between Russia, East Germany, and the west. As they are faced with an uncertain future, they realize that their decisions may have far reaching consequences for them, their country, and Europe.

© 2019, 347 pgs. $14.99

The Barbed Wire Rose has been....

a labor of love for Rosanna. She feels that the historical events that are covered in this story are not as well known in the United States, but have played a major role in the fate of Germany. Also, it was responsible for the fall of the Berlin Wall. Rosanna hopes that his story will show how a few courageous people who are willing to risk everything can bring about extraordinary changes in their country and the world.

Additional Information about the Story

The story is based on several actual historical events: The Pan-European Picnic on August 19th, 1989 that was meant to be a symbolic gesture between Hungary and Austria. The massive deportation of Danube Swabian women in 1944 into slave labor camps in Russia. And, the abduction of more than 20,000 Danube Swabian children who were placed in State run children’s homes and brainwashed as comrade citizens without their parents’ knowledge or permission.

The Pan-European Picnic took place on August 19th, 1989 and because of it the Iron Curtain fell on November 9, 1989. Many people are not aware of this and I wanted to share this important historical event. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the picnic. I hope that you will consider reading additional information about it.

I also wanted to include in this story the massive deportation of Danube Swabian women who were forced into Russian labor camps. In this story, Eva Brenner and her mother Maria Brenner were deported to labor camps in Russia around Christmas 1944. Another event that happened at this same time was 20,000 Danube Swabian children who were removed from their homes and placed into Russian state homes. They were brainwashed into state ideology. The older children were forced to forget their parents and were told that they had been abandoned by them. align=

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