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Tofu Ling

The Tofu Ling Book Series

Tofu Ling

Tofu Ling and the Carp Banner

Tofu Ling and the Angel

Tofu Ling and the Angel, Special Edition

$20.00 plus tax and shipping, 48 pages, hard cover special edition, (c) 2009.

Tofu Ling Sets Sail

From the Author of the Tofu Ling Series, Rosanna Porter

Tofu Ling Tofu Ling was a character that I have thought about for a long time. I had chosen a mouse to depict this character because his size is small and this creature has to always look up to see the world just as children do. I wanted children to understand that even though they are small and young that they offer the world a fresh and interesting view of it and that there are so many things that they can do. I wanted the readers to stop and see the beauty of the world as if seeing it for the first time. There are many symbolisms and lessons throughout the stories and I hope that the readers will take the time to discover them as they read the stories many times.

The stories are readable at the 3rd to 4th grade level. The books are meant to be a read to me story for younger children and that is why the vocabulary is a higher level than the average children's book. I believe that it is important that a higher vocabulary be modeled for children to cultivate their literary knowledge. The size of the book was selected so that while reading the story Lynda's breathtaking illustrations surround the reader to create a full experience of beauty and literature.

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