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Princess Naughty

The Chronicles of Princess Naughty Series

The Chronicles of Princess Naughty book series are stories about a little girl named Princess. She is not a bad girl, but sometimes she finds herself not making the right decision and that is when she becomes Princess Naughty.

Princess Naughty

Chronicles of Princess Naughty: Dancing Princesses

Princess, Regina, and Isabella are B-F-Fs, best friends forever. After seeing Beth tap dance in the school talent show, they decide to learn to tap dance. When their parents suggest they learn to play musical instruments, they decide to borrow books from the library and learn how to dance on their own. They find an inventive way to make shoes and costumes. However, while dancing on the picnic table, which they make into their stage, Princess falls off and breaks her arm. Now she has to tell her mother what she has done.

Princess Naughty Explorers' club

Chronicles of Princess Naughty: Explorers' Club

After Princess, Regina, and Isabella read several books on Famous Explorers, the girls decide to go on their own expedition. They want to find the lost city of Toto that is located somewhere deep in a nearby woods. They read books on how they should prepare for their expedition and then set out to find this lost city. Using a compass attached to a metal clip on their clipboard the girls chart a wrong course and find themselves no longer in their woods, but a dangerous jungle filled with monkeys and other scary creatures. Unable to find their way home, they become very frightened. Read how the newest member of their Explorers' Club, Aaron -- Princess' Irish Setter, saves the day!

Princess Naughty Magic, Magic Everywhere

Chronicles of Princess Naughty: Magic, Magic Everywhere

This is the first book in the chapter book series of The Chronicles of Princess Naughty. The girls area older now and ready to take on more adventures.

Princess, Regina, and Isabella are B-F-Fs, best friends forever. While attending their bridging ceremony from Junior Girl Scouts to Cadettes, they decide they would like to earn Cadette Girl Scout badges during the summer. They go to their local library and begin to research books on magic tricks. Since they are always in the library borrowing books, the librarians know them very well and invite them to volunteer their during the summer. They make plans to put on a magic show for the neighborhood children and earn their Performance badge. It is while doing their magic show that something goes terribly wrong during their final act. Aaron is 'magically' switched from being an Irish setter to an English setter. Do the girls need to switch him back or his he lost and another dog has taken his place?

Princess Naughty Mystery of the Haunted Mansion

Chronicles of Princess Naughty: Mystery of the Haunted Mansion

This is the second book in the chapter book series of The Chronicles of Princess Naughty. Princess, Regina, and Isabella befriend a girl named Hannah who has recently moved into their neighborhood. They are eager to show her around the neighborhood and invite her to volunteer at the library with them.

While out riding their bikes along a country road, Aaron, Princess' Irish setter, and Erin, Hannah's English setter follow along. Suddenly, the dogs appear to catch a scent of something and dart down a deserted and overgrown road. Princess and Hannah call for them to return, but they keep on running. The girls turn their bikes around and follow the dogs. Finally they reach the end of the road where a large iron gate sets ajar. The dogs continue on inside the gated yard. The girls have to put their bikes aside as they follow on foot chasing the dogs. Soon they are face to face with an old seemingly deserted mansion that looks very scary. (c) 2017, 146 pages, paperback, $10.00.

The book will be available 2023.

Princess Naughty crown

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